Charmandean - one of Worthing's great manor houses and estates

When reading about the history, a timeline is key to setting the scene. This portrays Charmandean`s history from the early 1500's, through to today. 

c. 1521 - earliest known reference to 'Charemanys', in the Parish of Broadwater

c.1806 - Georgian style house built at 'Charming Dean' by John Penfold

c.1820 - House owned by Mrs Walker

c.1841-1866 - Purchased by Mr & Mrs Thwaytes. Many improvements to the house were made, such as porch, bay windows, East and West wings, conservatory on the West end. 

c.1855 Ornamental gates added at East & West entrances

1871-1898 - owned by Mr & Mrs George Wedd, a London Stockbroker

1900-1913 -  owned by Mr & Mrs Alfred King

1915-1917 - owned briefly by Mr William Ellis

1917-1926 - Rev. T. Dyer Edwards, the last private occupant of Charman Dean.

1926 - Estate sold, broken up for building. First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Avenues layed out and building started. 

1926 - St. Michael's boys preparatory school, run by Rev. Talbot Hindley, moved into the house and immediate grounds.

1931 - Mr Hindley appointed headmaster of Seaford College, school moves out of Charmandean.

1936 - Miss C. E. West started Charmandean Boarding School for Girls

1936 - Charmandean Open Space donated to Worthing Borough Council (with clauses)

1939-45 - Land requisitioned and house used as a furniture store during the war years

1945 - c.1951 Charmandean School for girls returns after the war

c1951 - School moves to Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckinghamshire

c1954 - Remaining 18 acres of house and land purchased by Residents of Charmandean, as 'Charmandean Estates Limited'

1960 - House and land sold to a developer for £70,000, with clause that it would be 'only developed with 71 3 or 4 bed luxury homes'

1963 - Charmandean House demolished, Longlands housing development started.

By taking a Google image of Charmandean Estate today, we can point out features which give the reader an idea of Charmandean before it was developed as it is today.

Citation: Many thanks to Google for this one: 
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