We would like to thank the Charmandean Resident who has allowed us to share records of building a house... in 1934!

Our research located a resident who had photos of their house being built, in 1934, and indeed one of the first wave of houses built on the plots allocated. 

This is particularly interesting as 1934 was within the first few years of the lower part of Charmandean being developed, and this house being early in the development, photos show a progression of Fourth Avenue without any houses and then residences being built as plots were purchased. 

We would like to express our thanks to the owner for allowing us to share these and showing what it must have been like in a bygone era to have built your own home in Charmandean. These photos are an excellent example of exactly what this website is trying to achieve; to preserve and record history of the area for future generations. As such, it deserves a page on it's own!

1st August 1934 - Our plot. The trees in the background are bordering Hill Barn Recreation Ground
Looking East across First Avenue, along Fourth (and the trees on the right which are in Charmandean Open Space today)
Sept 1934, Week 2
Looking North up First Avenue, towards First and Fourth junction (East end). The Northern section of First Avenue hadn`t been laid out by this time in 1934.
Week 3
Week 3
Inspecting the workmanship!
4th week - 22nd September 1934
5th week - 29th September 1934
Rear garden - 9th week

Planting the grass seed, 10th May 1935.

Note the mesh fencing and dwarf stone stepped wall, characteristic of the houses in Charmandean.

First Avenue in 1935

First Avenue was only partially developed in 1935, being only 6 years after Sandell & son purchased the lower part of the Charmandean Estate.

This photo is looking West across First Avenue as it was then; this is looking North East, towards what would become Fourth Avenue and the trees beyond, hiding where Charmandean House still stood in 1935. 

Looking closely the white posts are marking out Fourth Avenue.

A proud owner of a house in Charmandean!

Looking North; this is the wood opposite the East end of Fourth Avenue
The clump of 3 trees in the distance - believed to be in the rear gardens of Fourth Avenue.
Rear garden, August 1935

Looking North up First Avenue; the trees in the background run East-West, around the area of the Post Box in First Avenue. 

Note the gap in the trees in the distance - this is different from one of the first photos shown where the trees were continuous, with felling performed when the Northern section of First Avenue was laid out (north of the Longlands junction)

Considering it`s 1934, we found this amazing. We will try to clean up this unique image and point out items of interest, as it's the view from the newly built house looking East, across First Avenue.

From Left to right (click on the thumbnail for annotated version):

  • First Avenue junction with Charmandean House West Driveway - lined with the tall trees (yellow arrow)
  • The road opposite is Fourth Avenue, without any plots developed yet. The Cedar trees we believe are in the rear gardens of Fourth Avenue (red arrow)
  • The trees in the centre/and right are the trees in Charmandean Open Space
  • In some of the photos looking East, it appears a low brick structure is present. We`re not sure what this could have been? (blue arrow)

Charmandean Development by 1938

This photo was dated 1937, and the neighbouring house has been built by this time. 


The below 2 photos are displayed larger, as they are of interest showing piecemeal development of Fourth Avenue and also examples of hand-painting black and white photographs.

View looking towards Eastern end of Fourth Avenue
View looking East across First Avenue, towards the trees of Charmandean Open Space.

A very many thanks again to the owner of these photographs for allowing us to see and share them on Charmandean History

If you have photos like this then please contact us

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