Stories we have heard over the years include that when Charmandean House was demolished, parts of the mansion were taken for people to re-use on their own houses, such as doors, windows and other features. 

We have heard that the main front door was relocated and put in a house in Littlehampton Road (but can`t confirm this) however we do know the balcony columns on a house in Broadwater originated from Charmandean.

'Loxwood, originally called Rectory Cottage, this Regency-style pale-brick house dates from 1820. The porch is a much later addition; the wooden structure is topped with an iron balcony, and its columns came from the demolished Charmandean mansion.'

Source: Wikipedia- Listed buildings of Worthing

It would be good to add anything more to this, if people know where other parts of the house were re-used?