A First Avenue resident who has been there for over 30 years wrote to us with: Whilst digging a deep hole in my rosebud this week I came across a packed flint roadlike surface. Further test pits showed that it appeared to run from south to north and was at least six feet wide. I then spoke to [a neighbour] who showed me two clear parallel marks of her lawn which lined up with my "road.". The neighbour believes that the road was the original West entrance to Charmandean House. We have photos of the flint surface and lawn markings. From your maps it seems she is right! Also I have several photos of the area in 1933 which show the road layout before [neighbouring houses in First Avenue] and houses in fourth avenue were built

Admin: extracts removed for privacy but this is interesting as the assumption has been until now that the West entrance driveway had roughly followed the course of First Avenue. We will try and upload photos soon onto the site.