We have learn`t of a story which has been passed down though the generations and from one resident to the next, about the fate of a German aircrew which crashed on the downs during the war. 

Apparently, the German plane was shot down and landed on the Downs between Charmandean Estate and Cissbury Ring.

The aircrew walked down Charmandean Lane, and came across the Tower (some have referred to it as the Turret), which was a tall tower structure with windows looking to Beachy Head in the East, the Sea in the South, and Isle of Wight in the West. Definitely a tower with a view!

The aircrew decided it was a good place to hide and spend the night, which they did, until the Home Guard captured them in the morning and they became prisoners of war.

It was felt then that the Tower was a danger and risk to the war efforts, and news could get back to the Germans that it was a good place to hide, so it was demolished. 

The markings on the wall which exists today tie in with the foundations which are still in the ground in private gardens today, and this is a great story, one which surely must be recorded somewhere.

Although currently we cannot collaborate this, we are researching how to validate it's accuracy - anyone know or remember the events?!

Many thanks to the Charmandean resident who shared this with us.