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German aircrew and the Home Guard

Posted by Admin on Monday, November 11, 2013, In : Old stories 
We have learn`t of a story which has been passed down though the generations and from one resident to the next, about the fate of a German aircrew which crashed on the downs during the war. 

Apparently, the German plane was shot down and landed on the Downs between Charmandean Estate and Cissbury Ring.

The aircrew walked down Charmandean Lane, and came across the Tower (some have referred to it as the Turret), which was a tall tower structure with windows looking to Beachy Head in the East, th...
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Site updates - photos, maps, and stories!

Posted by Admin on Monday, November 11, 2013, In : Charmandean House History 
We have been very busy researching over the past few weeks, and multiple pages have been updated with new information throughout the site. We have added photos and a new 'Charmandean-As a School' page, in 'Development' residents have sent in original House Sale adverts, photos of a wartime First and Fourth Avenues,  and 'Maps and Photos' has some new aerial photos of Broadwater and photos from the original Sales Brochure when Charmandean Estate was sold in the early Twenties.
Hope you enjoy th...
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